About Us

Our founders are former utilities corporate strategy management consultants who teamed to help clients with their clean energy projects. We have assembled a team of industry experts who are deeply dedicated to efficiently, effectively, and creatively meeting client needs.

The company is headquartered in the Saint Paul, Minnesota suburb of Mendota Heights (with offices in Los Angeles and Spokane, WA). Its location inspired the company’s name. According to local historians, “Mendota” is derived from the Dakota Indian word “Mdote” (also pronounced “Bdote”). Mdote/Bdote means “the mouth or junction of one river with another”. Mendota Heights sits above the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. “Confluence” aptly describes  the way our professionals merge ideas into unified, coherent themes.

Our People

Grey Staples

Managing Director

David Sagara

Managing Director

Lisa Silverberg


Kelly Jordan

Senior Consultant

Olaf Roepke

Senior Engineer

Rachel Sours-Page, Ph.D

Senior Consultant